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Primary points of contact for bids & drilling needs are:


Robert G. Soto, Sales in Benavides, Tx




Daniel Jaramillo, Sales in San Antonio, Tx



Call us at 361-256-3656 Arrow Drilling Company, Inc has relocated all of its satellite offices to Benavides, Texas with yards located both in Benavides and Victoria, Tx. Arrow also has a sales office in San Antonio, Tx. Arrow is a "shallow" oil and gas drilling/exploration company. We have been in business over 30 years and have drilled thousands of wells in South Texas. Our primary areas of operations range anywhere from Interstate 10 south to the Rio Grand valley and counties located just east of Houston spanning as far west as Eagle Pass.


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Arrow Drilling Company, Inc.

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  301 N. Texas Blvd.

  Benavides, Texas 78341

  Ph:  (361) 256-3354

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